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Targeted Proteomics
Protein Panels for Absolute Quantitation

Targeted proteomics assays are used in proteomics research to quantify and characterize specific sets of proteins within a complex biological sample. This approach focuses on pre-selected protein targets or panels. Targeted proteomics provides quantitative measurements on specific proteins with high precision and is often used to validate biomarker candidates, study signaling pathways, or monitor disease-related protein changes in a controlled and targeted manner.

Panome Bio offers multiple-reaction monitoring (MRM) mass spectrometry to accurately and quantitatively measure proteins via multiplexed assays. This approach use paired unlabeled and stable-isotope labeled internal standards for every peptide and are all validated according to CPTAC guidelines, yielding the highest quality assays with superior specificity, reproducibility and accuracy.

Panome Bio's complete experimental workflow with targeted proteomics panels from protein digestion to calibration curves for absolute quantitation.

Panome Bio’s MRM capabilities can be accessed through large, pre-validated panels or through custom development of assays targeting your proteins of interest. Our pre-defined MRM panels consist of 270 proteins in human plasma or 375 proteins in mouse plasma and include proteins associated with cancer, cardiovascular disease, inflammation, and other diseases and signaling pathways.

Human Panels

270 and 125 Protein Panels

270 Protein Panel


Mouse Panels

375 Protein Panels

375 Protein Panel


Custom Protein Panels

We can customize protein panels to suit your research needs. Inquire for more details.

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