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Targeted Metabolomics,
Custom Panels, and Absolute Quantitation

After global discovery metabolomics assays are performed, a subset of metabolites or biomarkers are typically identified. Once a panel of metabolites is determined, a targeted metabolomics screen can be performed. Targeted metabolomics is a method employed to only identify a defined subset of metabolites defined by the panel. Using a targeted approach makes absolute quantitation possible.

Custom Panels & Absolute Quantitation

Custom panels are typically created when researchers are interested in a subset of metabolites and greater insights could be made from absolute quantitation.

Samples run against custom panels undergo the same optimized LC-MS experiments as our Next-Generation Metabolomics platform and the data is analyzed and sorted into a clear data report. Panome Bio works closely with our customers to curate custom panels for all unique samples and situations.

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A targeted metabolomics workflow includes the use of a custom metabolite panel and LC/MS analysis providing metabolic profiles.



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Metabolomics Applications

Panome Bio’s metabolomics platform boasts extreme versatility to meet your research needs and has many applications including biomarker development, drug target identification, off-target effects, patient stratification, and more. See our Applications for more information.

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