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Next-Generation Metabolomics™: A True Global Screen for Biomarker Discovery

At Panome Bio, we utilize state-of-the-art liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry assays and data processing to give you the highest quality and most interpretable metabolomics data. Rather than just matching against predefined metabolite libraries, our global, untargeted analysis scans the raw data for all metabolite signals present and matches those signals against comprehensive small molecule databases to provide an unbiased and global view of metabolism.

Comparison between standard metabolomics and Next-Generation Metabolomics from Panome Bio, with Panome Bio identifying thousands more than standard.

Panome Bio’s Global Metabolomics Screen

For Polar and Lipid Metabolites

Small molecules and metabolites have extreme chemical diversity. As a result, a single assay cannot measure the entire metabolome of your sample. However, Panome Bio has developed a suite of complementary LC/MS assays to capture a broad view of the small molecule landscape of your samples. For global, untargeted metabolomics assays, we have four assays that target different regions of the metabolome, enabling our platform to measure diverse chemicals from polar to lipid metabolites. We work with you to select the best method based on the broad chemical classes you are interested in profiling.

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An example chart of major chemical classes of metabolites and lipids identified in a Next-Generation Metabolomics analysis.

Global Profiling Assays: A summary of major chemical classes that can be measured with each assay type is shown above. A green cell indicates that metabolites belonging to that chemical class can generally be detected by the assay type. This visualization is not comprehensive and additional chemical classes can be detected with each assay type.



Next-Generation Metabolomics enables more impactful experimental designs than previously possible.

Metabolomics Applications

Panome Bio’s metabolomics platform boasts extreme versatility to meet your research needs and has many applications including biomarker development, drug target identification, off-target effects, patient stratification, and more. See our Applications for more information

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