Next-Generation Metabolomics, Lipidomics & Proteomics

Next-Generation Omics for the Most Comprehensive Biomarker Analysis

Our Next-Generation Metabolomics™, Next-Generation Lipidomics™, and Panome Proteomics technology can expand your possibilities and provide insights closest to phenotype.

Next-Generation Metabolomics™
Discovery Proteomics
Targeted Proteomics
Metabolic Flux

Biomarker Discovery

Working With Us

Panome Bio's complete experimental workflow makes a metabolomics or proteomics return the best data for your research.

Panome Bio is your partner for a complete metabolomics workflow. Starting with clear instructions for collecting and shipping your samples, our team will make it simple to use metabolomics to interrogate your samples. We will handle all aspects of your sample prep. We work with you to select the best analysis type for your needs and subject your samples to cutting edge metabolomics technologies that provide robust and broad small molecule measurements. Further, we distill down the complex data into an easily digestible data analysis report that provides you with the complete picture of the small molecules in your sample as well as rigorous statistical analysis to give you actionable insights from your data.

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