Metabolomics, Lipidomics, & Proteomics Services

Next-Generation Metabolomics,
Lipidomics, and Proteomics Services

Panome Bio Metabolomics, Lipidomics, and Proteomics Services

  • Discovery

    With top proteomics technologies, Panome Bio provides robust discovery workflows. Discovery is made possible with the Seer Proteograph Assay Kit.

  • Targeted

    Panome Bio uses highly multiplexed panels for accurate quantitation of 100s of proteins from a single sample. We have panels of 270 human proteins and 375 mouse proteins. Custom panels can be tailored to your research.

  • Next-Generation

    Panome Bio offers true global metabolomics and lipidomics assays for the broadest coverage of small molecules and metabolites. We can also investigate mechanism with our metabolic flux workflow.

  • Multi-omics

    Make your data even more meaningful by pairing Next-Generation Metabolomics™ with Panome Proteomics. Multi-omics enables more robust pathway analysis, using this approach leads to at least 2x the number of assessed pathways.

  • Data Analysis

    Using proprietary computational methods, we take care of the rigorous data processing and package the results in a straightforward data analysis report.

  • Targeted

    Perhaps you already know what you are looking for – we have you covered there too. We will assemble custom targeted panels that are dsigned to cover commonly evaluated metabolite classes and pathways.

  • Metabolic Flux

    Tracking patways in action is possible with Panome Bio’s Metabolic Flux workflow. Using stable isotope tracing and rigorous data analysis, flux puts a signature on pathways.

  • Lipidomics

    Our Global Lipidomics screen is a subset of our Next-Generation Metabolomics platform. Our global, untargeted analysis scans the raw data for all lipids to provide an unbiased and global view of lipid metabolism.

The best results require an expert experimental design.
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