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Next-Generation Lipidomics™

Our Global Lipidomics screen is a subset of our Next-Generation Metabolomics platform. At Panome Bio, we utilize state-of-the-art liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry assays and data processing to give you the highest quality and most interpretable lipidomics data. Our global, untargeted analysis scans the raw data for all lipids to provide an unbiased and global view of lipid metabolism.

True Global Lipidomics

To capture the lipid metabolome, we offer two assays that analyze your sample. Both lipid assays offer broad assessment of major biological lipid classes, including ceramides, glycerophosphocholines, and sphignomylins, amongst others. Multiple individual lipids within each class can be profiled in a single experiment to assess fatty acid compositions within your samples. 

Your research project is unique and we can provide a custom experimental design to meet your goals. Whether you are investigating a specific disease model, elucidating lipid biomarkers for diagnostics, or evaluating therapeutic targets, Panome Bio will work with you to design a tailored approach to best suit your research goals. Contact us to get started!

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An example chart of major chemical classes of lipids identified in a Next-Generation Lipidomics analysis.



Next-Generation Metabolomics enables more impactful experimental designs than previously possible.

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