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Getting started with Panome Bio is easy. Our platform can analyze multiple sample types from many different species such as Human, Mouse, Rat, Zebrafish, Hamster, E. coli, Yeast, C. elegans and more. Each sample type has clearly defined instructions for sample collection, handling, storage, and shipment that ensures the measurements we make are the best reflection of your samples.

Sample Type Minimum Sample Amount Sample Collection
Serum or plasma 50 uL Flash freeze immediately.
Tissue Samples Minimum of 2 mg Flash freeze immediately
Tumors Minimum of 2 mg Flash freeze immediately
Cell or Tissue Culture Enough cells to yield at least 200-500 ug total protein per sample. For most mammalian cell types 106 cells is sufficient. Gently pellet the cells via centrifugation and remove supernatant/media. Flash freeze the pellet immediately.
Cell Culture Media 100 uL Centrifuge the media sample at high speed (to pellet and remove any cells or cellular debris) and transfer the supernatant/media to a fresh
tube. Freeze the media immediately and discard any cell or debris pellet.
CSF 50 uL Flash freeze immediately.
Bile 100 uL Flash freeze immediately.

Sample collection: For all sample types, flash freeze each sample as quickly as possible following collection to arrest metabolic activity. Use liquid nitrogen snap freezing if possible, or incubate on dry ice.

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Please inquire about your specific sample type for detailed sample preparation instructions.

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