True Global Lipidomics
Our CompanyPanome Bio can help with your lipid profiling. Our global metabolomics assay and discovery pipeline gives you broad coverage of small molecules and metabolites – both polar and lipid molecules. To profile the lipid metabolome, we analyze your sample with a suite of complementary LC/MS assays. The lipid analysis offers a broad assessment of major biological lipid classes, including:

  • Ceramides
  • Sphingnomyelins
  • Triradylglycerols and diradylglycerols
  • Sterol esters
  • Glycerophosphocholines
  • Glycerophosphoinositols
  • Glycerophosphoethanolamines

A benefit of our global lipidomics platform is greater specificity and identification confidence in individual lipid species. This is important especially for your fatty acid metabolism studies, determination of fatty acid composition within a lipid species, and lipid metabolism research.

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