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Integrated Multi-omics Analysis Reveals Systemic and Localized Metabolic Disruptions in Colorectal Cancer

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

12 PM ET | 9 AM PST

Presenter: Ethan Stancliffe, PhD
Hosted by: Panome Bio

Multi-omic analysis is a powerful tool that allows for a more comprehensive view of the biochemical processes occurring within an organism. This webinar discusses Panome Bio’s approach to multi-omics through presentation of data from a multi-omic study combining proteomics, metabolomics, and transcriptomics to analyze metabolic shifts during colorectal cancer (CRC) progression. The research involved untargeted proteomics and metabolomics profiling of serum samples from CRC patients and healthy controls, supplemented with targeted proteomics and public transcriptomics data. This comprehensive analysis revealed distinct metabolic shifts between healthy and diseased individuals, with significant findings related to tyrosine metabolism. These findings highlight the importance of multi-omic profiling in understanding CRC’s metabolic dysregulation, paving the way for improved diagnostics and treatments.

Ethan Stancliffe, PhD, is the Director of Metabolomics at Panome Bio. Dr. Stancliffe completed his PhD work in Computational and Systems Biology at Washington University in St. Louis with research focused on computational methods for the analysis and processing of untargeted metabolomics data. Dr. Stancliffe also holds a BS in Biomedical Engineering and Applied Mathematics from the University of Iowa.

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