Panome Bio Webinars

From Discovery to Mechanism: Direct Observations of Metabolic Pathway Activity

Wednesday, August 9, 2023

12 PM ET | 9AM PST

Presenter: Adam Richardson, PhD
Hosted by: Panome Bio

Global metabolomics is a powerful approach to discovering which metabolites in a system change in response to different conditions or over time. These changes provide the basis for new hypotheses regarding metabolic activity and control. However, a change in the amount of a metabolite could be caused by either increased production of the compound, or by decreased consumption. In order to determine the relative activity of the metabolic enzyme or pathway we track the metabolism of stable isotope compounds through the system. The use of these safe, non-radioactive tracer compounds allow you to test the hypotheses generated by global discovery metabolomics. This webinar will describe some appropriate use cases for stable isotope tracing and provide examples of hypothesis testing.

Adam D. Richardson, PhD, is the Study Director at Panome Bio. Dr. Richardson has previously served as Director of the NCI Cancer Metabolism Shared Service and Research Professor (Signal Transduction) at Sanford Burnham Prebys in La Jolla. His background lies at the intersection of analytical chemistry and cell biology, particularly primary and secondary metabolism. Prior to joining Panome Bio Dr. Richardson’s work focused on using stable isotope tracing to map the metabolic shifts that occur during tumor progression, characterizing small molecule therapeutics, and delivering high quality laboratory services to research partners.

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