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Drug Target Analysis with Next-Generation
Metabolomics™ and Proteomics

With Panome Bio’s proprietary computational methods and cutting-edge proteomics capabilities, discover biomarkers of target and off-target drug effects. With multi-omic analysis, discover metabolic alterations and identify potential target molecules that play critical roles in disease pathways.

Small molecules often interact with more than one protein leading to unwanted off-target effects. Using dose-response
metabolomics and proteomics, samples can be evaluated for interaction with multiple proteins at various concentrations.

case study


An example of a dose-response study – Drug X binds target 1 with high affinity while it binds target 2 with low affinity. Off-target effects occur at target 2 at high concentrations of drug.

Read more about the topic: Yao et al., Anal Chem. 2020. Jan 21; 92(2): 1856-1864.

Next-Generation Metabolomics can deconvolute large data sets common in dose-response studies. A heat map can be used to depict dose-response trends. In this example, >1000 features were identified to have significant responses to increase in dosage.Click here to read our app note on Drug-Target Mapping with Dose-Response Metabolomics!

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