Metabolic Flux: From Discovery to Mechanism

What is Metabolic Flux?

Metabolic flux is the transformation of a metabolite through a pathway. Fluxes are dysregulated in disease states, so understanding them provides actionable insights into pathogenesis and treatment development.

Our metabolomics experts will help you select the properly labeled stable isotope precursor for your experiment and design the isotope labeling conditions to produce the most meaningful results.

With the information gained from a metabolic flux experiment, you can:

  • Discover drug and therapeutic targets
  • Determine nutrient contribution
  • Evaluate metabolic fates
  • Optimize bioprocessing systems
  • Ultimately, go from discovery to mechanism

Our Isotope Tracing Offerings:

  • Pentose phosphate pathway
  • Tricarboxylic acid cycle and reductive carboxylation
  • Fatty acid synthesis and pyruvate carboxylase
  • Glycolysis

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